Sunday, February 21, 2010

Taylor Swift Book.

I'm just going to put up some things from the Taylor Swift book! You can also pick up the book at a book store closest to you! Taylor: "One day somebody turned to my mom and said 'You know, she really ought to be singing country music.''' It kind of occurred to all of us at the same time that that's what I needed to be doing." Taylor: "I love the whole crime scene aspect of it," Taylor said about the television show CSI. "Figuring things out and analyzing." Taylor: "I can't stop writing. I can't turn it off. I go through situations, and I go through experiences, and I go through life, and I need to write it.... It's like breathing." Taylor: "You don't imagine when you're writing a song in you living room that it's going to go out in the world and affect somebody you've never met." Taylor: "I've never needed an escape like drinking or drugs or anything like that to escape from the bad days. Music has always been that escape for me." Taylor: "Every time I'm faced with a decision or a choice, I think about the 6-year-old girl in the front row of my concert, and what she'd think about it." Taylor: "When someone breaks up with me, I like to write about it, because I feel like I have the last word. That's the fun part." Taylor: "It's making yourself happy with your life that will attract people." Taylor: "My mom always said, 'I don't feel like you just get discovered, there's a lot more that goes into it. I want you always to have high hopes but low expectations.'''

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